Custom industrial ventilated doors

Grillage Secure Plus Inc. in Montreal, manufactures industrial and commercial  ventilated doors for the montreal area like : ventilated security door, ventilated door, ventilated emergency exit door, ventilated emergency exit door, ventilated security door.

They are 100% customizable in size and design to withstand frequent use and offering all the desired functionality while ensuring the safety of your operations...

Ventilated doors : 
a necessity !

Industrial and commercial ventilated doors ensure a smooth flow of employees and goods in and out of industrial facilities, warehouses, logistics centers, vehicle showrooms, stores, distribution centers, food production facilities, warehouses, etc.

 Grillages Secure Plus Inc.

Since 1996...

The company has the expertise and financial strength to offer its customers a high level of quality clients a high level of quality, guaranteeing that their project will be carried out smoothly and efficiently.

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